Gestalten Infographic Course with Francesco Franchi

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Gestalten Infographic Course with Francesco Franchi

In December, I went to the Gestalten offices in Berlin, for a short two-day course with Francesco Franchi. He’s an amazingly talented Art Director who is concerned with how the whole layout of the page can help to communicate the story, through infographics, supporting design and areas of text. He is the art director of the Italian magazine Intelligence in Lifestyle (IL).

After a short introduction, we were separated into groups, and spent most of the next two days immersing ourselves in the topic; the intrinsic link between religion and politics in Iran. It was a really interesting one, as none of the class really had any idea about the complexities of this subject – it’s really huge, without much clear explanation online – at least in English. We were tasked with putting together our own infographic to communicate the interesting stories within this subject.

Part journalism, design, and data crunching, I found the task really interesting. Unfortunately I think the subject was a bit too large for just a two day course, and although we’d all learnt a lot about the subject I don’t think many teams had the chance to really break down the information into something interesting and simple – we would have needed another few days for that.

In a lot of ways this type of design overlaps with UX:

  • Filter the Information
  • Establish relationships
  • Discern patterns
  • Represent conclusions

A great article on Infographic design by him is below – linking concepts of UX with Data design:Francesco Franchi – The Limits of Infographics

Anyway – below is the final product, obviously copyright lies with Francesco Franchi. If you’re interested in the course, more details are available at


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